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This Journal Of Mine

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I have written a book of memories,
It is stored inside my mind,
And recorded on its pages,
Are many stories all entwined.

Journeys through my childhood,
And on into my teenage years,
Then reaching full maturity,
Sampling a variety of careers.

It only takes a few seconds,
This journal of mine to access,
Encountering joy and sorrow,
Tears of pain and happiness.

Experiences and adventures,
Lots of hellos and goodbyes,
People all intermingled,
In my conscience, which personifies.

These memories are forever,
Full documents of all my days,
Filed away for my future reference,
Enabling entry by the use of replays.

I have written a book of memories,
Into which I just love to delve,
And wander back to times gone by.
Let me recall when I was twelve!

© Ernestine Northover

Esther Leclerc 29 September 2006

Wonderful write, Ernestine! Good memories are precious and worth saving. I'm doing something similar for lots of reasons. Also, have just found some of my old journals from a special time in my life. This poem strikes a chord, but then all of yours do... Esther : ]

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Duncan Wyllie 28 September 2006

Yes the book is your story and its cover tells alot about its content, if we learn to read the cover without preconcieved judgement then perhaps the contents can be revealed and understanding can begin, We are made up of many different experiences, we should all learn to take two steps backward before making up our minds about someone and then we may make a beautiful step forward together, sounds simple doesn't it but how many of us actively do this? Thankyou Ernestine, I think that it is writes as yours that lead to a better understanding and a real insight to wisdom Love duncan XXX

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Daniel Tyler 27 September 2006

lovely Ernestine; you handle time very well in your work.

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R H 27 September 2006

Delightful Ernestine - pages of memories to inspire more of your enchanting writes I hope. Nice rhythm to this too. Justine

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 27 September 2006

A brilliant Write, young lady....And structure pristine as a perfectly shaped prism. I Like this a lot, Poetess E! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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