Hercolena Oliver

Rookie (18 April 1969 / Durban South Africa)

Thoughts For Consolation Through Trying Times - Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Find joy in pain,
remembering sun shines after rain.

Fear not even the stormy night,
Knowing you’ve a friend though not in sight.

No friend you know is perfect so
Forgive and forget, discard arrow&bow.

Friends are not friends who never fail,
But never tire of listening to repetitive tale.

If you feel in pain and your heart’s been wounded again
Would it be difficult in fleeting joy a smile to feign?

Take courage:
The night passes as morning comes,
New flowers blossom where a bee hums.

If you’re living in fear,
Please know that I’m near.

You can trust in me
Like a dependable mountain,
May friendship replenish you
Like an eternal fountain.

You may feel tired,
You may feel sad,
Remember my cell’s wired
& life ain’t all that bad.

You may fear failures,
Or experienced rejection,
Calling in vein lures,
Don’t worry, few’s perfection.

For the tears you’ve flooded aspie,
For the light that has left your eye,
May your spirit exult in upward motion
As you experience relief and elation.

Bless you; be happy at work and at play,
Light dispels darkness,
Mercifully faith confess,
Brings more wisdom from day to day.

Time brings relief,
Much like sunshine after rain.
Indeed there is a time for crying,
Yet also to be happy again.

If you feel abandoned and alone,
If you feel sick&despondent please phone.

The sun always rises again,
Please accept my sympathy to alleviate your pain.

Friendship can make for a golden day,
Togetherness can make more sunny a bay;
However sad you may feel, I wish you a good day.
Hope is a rainbow over clouded horizon today.

May peace unfathomable descend on you
So that you find pleasure where once you were blue.

May my words pacify your dreary mood,
Abandoning desolate thinking in reminder of good.

When storms surround,
Blessings still abound.

Come sorrow and sadness,
Hurt and pain,
Friendship brings gladness
As every cloud brings rain.

The joy in friendship says I’m sorry
To watching, waiting and ridding worry.

Your soul may be weary at this time,
Landscapes may seem shadowed devoid of hope;
Oh, would it serve any purpose of worth was one dime
Adding to failures not trying to pitifully mope?

Please accept my condolences through this trying time.
Trust in the Lord as people do fail as do hope sometime.

Dear friend,
Your heart may feel cold
With noone on whom to depend.
May this here serve your broken heart to mend.

Do you feel like you’re drowning in deep despair?
Please know that I’m there & my friend, I do care.

Keep your spiritual light shining bright
Over a world otherwise devoid of light.
Try with all your might to alleviate plight
By being a star in someone else’s night.

You may have tried to call
And feel abandoned by all.
Feel free to phone me herewithall
To discuss your problems, however small.

Have peace and rest
Knowing God knows best.

Ends of pervading weeks arrive,
Bringing rest&peace, you’re still alive.
Winds even got to rest, as then do waves;
Conquer with might destiny as it paves.

You do not know every hour,
Nor have you sampled every flower.
You perhaps have not found love
& have been evaded by blessings from above.
You query meeting & forget greeting,
Yet you exist in this time, however fleeting.

You’ve tired while there’s a storm around you.
You’ve grown weary as troubles surround you.
You’re almost home, you’ve almost reached your destiny
For not without reasons are trials on this part of eternity.

Your long suffering sadness exists.
Joyful peace longingly desists.
Merciful happiness is amiss.
Take comfort, you’ll soon have bliss.

You appear small
In a world encompassing all,
Wondering what path to follow
To escape the sleepy hollow.
This is the only life you have on this earth
With your choice being whether to behold sorrow or mirth.

Not now, but one day,
You’ll discover the purpose of every tear.
You’ll comprehend, though not today
Why your very existence has brought u here.

One day you will meet again:
Trust in God and thus enspire your brethren
To not look down on another,
But rather take pity treating all as brother.

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