Time Capsules Poem by James Lee Watts

Time Capsules

Rating: 5.0

The time that has now past,
Is frozen forever; will always last,
Unless the time consumes it like a raging fire,
The pictures frozen and isn’t a lair,
It tells the whole horrid truth,
And locks away your troubled youth,

A memory of the days that have gone by,
Locked away in the picture; never going to die,
The everlasting glow of a past so forgotten,
The memories gone…stale and rotten,
But rekindle as you wipe of the dust,
And the memories you re-live are just the crust,

Because the emotions come flooding back,
And your story continues down the track,
Back to the life you once knew so well,
It’s a different world as if by a spell,
You didn’t even know what happened to you,
You life changed so quickly just out of the blue,

And you’ve reached the final time in your life,
You never realised she would become your wife,
But it was so fast that it he me so hard,
Some times I wish I could just click discard,
And erase the bad times forever,
But you know you can’t because,
-Because your life’s locked inside a time capsule…

Lare Austin 11 January 2005

Very well done indeed, James. Well thought out...very strong/surprising ending... Lare

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