Sonnet Poems: 340 / 500

Tiny Battles

Rating: 3.8

who wants to wage war
with the Orgy of Four?
against those who don’t score
them an Eight or more?

go ahead, leave a low mark
leave a comment if you dare
let them know exactly what
you think, but beware!

they might strike back with some witty verse
or post a crude bitchy sonnet
you see, there’s no room up on the High Horse
while the Orgy of Four are on it!

how dare you give them Ones
they deserve not a score so low!
two of them once drank tea with the Queen,
and two are published writers, you know?

we all crawl on our stomachs
while they sit next to God
their poetry is perfect
its the JUDGES who are flawed

so go on, you Foursome,
fight your battles for those Tens
the rest of us will go on without you
and beat our swords back into pens

kenneth william snow 24 March 2005

Well Jake seems like you've hit a nerve. Amazing how simple it is to roust the rabbits from the briar patch. the rat sniffs the cheese giving into temptation SNAP...the trap is sprung

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Herbert Nehrlich1 23 March 2005

Allan, you forgot to add 'Tiny battles come from tiny minds'. H

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Allan James Saywell 23 March 2005

Hassler why is it when i think of you, i think of shylock and jewfish easter is nearly here, i am so pleased you are part of this site, what would i do without you, you are a constant source of amusement, your poetry is hillarious and your spelling devine, you really look after me i'm thinking of putting you in charge of my shoes, or do you you like to lick boots you like licking things dont you Anyway have a good easter Warm regards AJS

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Herbert Nehrlich1 23 March 2005

How pathetic. Is it because your poetry is a pain to produce and then proves to be not worth having gone through the effort? As to beating your swords back into pens. It seems to me that you are in posession of neither. A sword would be too big for your puny arms and a pen, well, what would you do with it. Chew on it? H

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