A Shitty Day's Redemption Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

A Shitty Day's Redemption

Rating: 3.6

nothing makes a lousy day better
than seeing a sexy woman at the
convenience store
in her office attire with her white
half-sweater buttoned snugly around her breasts
and her black hair pulled back, her
face barely creased with the lines of experience,
but still retaining the glow of her youth
perhaps she is there on her lunch break,
choosing between the
chocolate chip cookies and
the granola bars as her perfume
drifts lazily down the aisle

she strides around the shop
confidently, silently demanding the
attention of every man in the room
her every curve jiggling slightly
as if she were shaking off their
wanton eyes
i almost want to shake my awe and
walk right up to her to thank her
for redeeming the morning’s thankless
wasted hours and reminding me
just why i woke up in the first place

Michael Shepherd 05 May 2005

First time I read this poem for amusement - but you've caught the whole atmosphere of the moment perfectly. Not a word out of place.

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Uriah Hamilton 18 May 2005

By all means a very good poem.

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Max Reif 29 July 2005

very well written, Jacob! You've conveyed a solid experience. I, too, get the whole thing. That's no mean feat.

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Ian Curtis 13 October 2005

once again, well writen and who hasn't had a day like that

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Cj Heck 18 October 2005

Excellent poem. I felt as though I was there and seeing through your eyes. Warmest regards, CJ

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Jason Bonhomme 22 March 2020

Well versed and descriptive poem Reverend! There is not much more that is as inspiring as a beautiful woman, be it visual or the more metaphysical realms.

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Ben No 18 April 2007

Nice. I can relate.

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Jeanette Krantz 23 February 2007

very descriptive....could smell pretty perfume: p nice title

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 28 July 2006

ooo thats so cool! every time i walk into a convenience store now, im gonna be all 'yay! here i am, brightening all the mens' days! ' i really liked the mood of this poem and your choice of words. and lucky for you i looked up 'wanton' on merriam-webster online yesterday! ..wait...never mind..ive forgotten again. i think ill go look it up. >.<

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Mike Finley 14 April 2006


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