To A Bygone Child Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

To A Bygone Child

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At a winter night under the shadow's light,
With a glow worm around his sight,
A word he said and saw the world,
Though it was cold he thanked his lord.

East winds that never did cease,
The autumns they always would please,
Touched his hair,
Shook his body and fur.

So much to know but little to care,
Lines of truth and reality we blur,
From the very moment of his life,
Against the world he holds a knife.

I've taught him how to love
The world, birds a dove
And gave him what I had
Poor little boys still so mad.

The logic behind this world,
About making things so bold,
Like the religion you follow,
Or the city you live in, Baghdad or Tokyo?

The logic behind our world,
The colors which are so cold,
White, yellow or black
Doesn't mean to attack.

Mankind so proud but lean,
Towards each other so mean
We behave
Expecting our God to save

Us but from who?
Yet we have no clue
That why we demean this way?
Expecting God to descend one day.

You all know these words,
Still we sharpen our swords,
I told my child to see the light
For the equality he wanted to fight.

Now that he's gone,
My light of life, my son,
Still never i can say,
How I miss him in every May,

How I miss his pure smile,
His laughter I hear far a mile.

Friday, December 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: political
*We must exclude kids from any cruelties that happen in our globe.
but now for a long time, we still see that little innocent kids are still the victims of some vicious politicians around the world.

Dedicated to the poor children whose dreams have been demolished during the Apartheid era and to those living in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.
Unwritten Soul 19 December 2015

So beautifully written Ellias, a strong message for us to understand, a strong reminder to who love should be shared all of human with hearts

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Fabrizio Frosini 23 December 2015

oh.. if interested: the book 'Poetry Against Terror' will be on free download for 5 days starting Jan.11

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 25 December 2015

thank you so much dear Fabrizio, sure I'll get that, my pleasure and thanks for sharing

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 25 December 2015

yes, for sure dear Fabrizio, my pleasure

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Fabrizio Frosini 23 December 2015

thanks, Ellias, and think about taking part in one of my next editorial projects.. I've some ideas I'm working on.. But it's too early to speak about them now (the projec 'Poetry Against Terror' is not finished yet) Cheers

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 24 December 2015

it will be an honor, i also invite you to take part in our international projects, that will be awesome!

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Fabrizio Frosini 22 December 2015

BTW, we have just published an Anthology at AMAZON. com It is 'POETRY AGAINST TERROR' Maybe Nogar told you about.. Blessings

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 23 December 2015

Dear Dr. Frosini, your words are truly inspiring and precious, we all together will head towards a world without violence and terrorism, i have seen your beautiful book on Amazon and i did enjoy thank you once more

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Fabrizio Frosini 22 December 2015

'You all know these words, Still we sharpen our swords, ' In Italian: ''Il significato lo conoscete tutti, Eppure continuiamo ad affilare le spade, '' In his footnote, Ellias writes, ''innocent kids are still victims'', and his poem is especially dedicated to the children living in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.. A strong message, his poem.. in a world where violence against innocents (especially children and women) is growing, because of wars and inequalities, we need messages loke this one. Thanks for sharing, Ellias

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Zahra Shariat 20 December 2015

I really liked it. good luck

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