Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri) Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri)

Rating: 4.8

For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies
In the rough political situations and conspiracies

Where a talented boy is born in
Where all people are rough only his mother is tender to him

He will soon find that he is on the rim
of a cliff

He wants the upswing
But he may fly or be broken wing

Let him sing his song
Listen to the sound of his drums
That is like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see he is more talented than Justin Bieber

The conditions that so many people die anonymously
And the rest of the world takes them serious barely

In the rough conditions each newborn like FRANKENSTEIN
Though each of them may become another Einstein

They are the human just born to die
They are the human just to be confined

They are the human just to be ignored
They are the human, the meaning of a word

*'To die, to sleep no more '*
To die, not to be born

The difference between nature and nurture
The bias which is carved on their mind's picture

So when their Banjo is being played
*'Like the rough winds shake the buds of May'*
Like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see they are more talented than Justin Bieber

For the people who are sinking in poverty
And for their talents, for their mercy and poetry

People who should tolerate every bad things
They can't even be alive; they should bend for the lords and the kings

The game of power and the game of being seen
For those people is nonsense and so lean

They are full of talents. But they don't have access to you tube! ! !
Also they don't have blond hair and the super expensive shoes

They are full of talents. But who sees and call them?
Who even knows these people are breathing, who helps them?

They are working hard and their talents are destroyed by others
So they see no way out, the only way is starting to bother

They will blamed by everyone, their parents and their neighbors,
Because they aren't just as lucky as Justin Bieber,

We will die with our talents, we will stay unseen
Because it's the trick of life's scene
Because we are not handsome as someone,
Because we don't use these things to be a popular one

They have the light; they grew up with a strong faith
Faith will lead them to a higher way, I love their happy face

If they become tailors, carpenters or the doctor or a brilliant sailor,
That's so fantastic, because they are still more talented than Justin Bieber

Some dies in this way, but still they will remain anonymously
No one in the world will even remember them, some remember so barely

No one even can estimate their talents, even the tailors,
Just listen to them for a once! They are more talented than Justin Bieber.
(But they are not as lucky as him)

Hi to all dear readers. This work is made of two minds, Ellias& Nader. we try to show the condition of thousands of talentful people who have been under hard conditions, the story of some people who couldn't been seen cruely, the story of people who reach the high places and ignore the others. the story of humanity ignorance.
Please, and again please read this work carefully and put you comments and votes. World will hear us. by the way, the marked lines are from William Shakes Peare.

Love and Bless,

Ellias & Nader.
Aung Si 09 November 2012

Wow! Sure I say wow! You can me to say out of my words.Well done! ! ! !

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Unwritten Soul 10 November 2012

Combination of two fantastic Iranian poets, two different minds speak one ultimate and i Love it..Sure you have a beautiful idea about nurturing a nation naturally...the poem is amazing a big applause for both of you...well done and very nice combination of two. Dear Ellias you know what to say with pumping desires as a captain in the making hahaha, but must thanks to Nader too for him shading the poems with some colors, and that makes the poem has double tastes..keep it up my dear friends..much cheers for u two....but dont bring the name of Justin bieber or anyone here as a low comparison, respect them okay whatever they done, we need to focus what we can do.That's my comment_Soul

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Terry O'leary 09 November 2012

Hi Ellias (& Nader) ... A very fine poem expressing the terrible plight of most of humanity... that of not being able to realize their potential... of their humanity... we are often fed with mediocrity to keep our minds shackled to inconsequentials... Keep up the good work! Terry

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John Brown 09 November 2012

Wise words indeed Ellias and Nader. This world is full of injustice and greed. I am sure that your words will have a great impact on all who read them. Keep up the good work.

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Zahra Shariat 10 November 2012

I think talent is only a word that shows the popularity, and each every one of ppl on the earth are talents.

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Suresh Kumar Ek 29 August 2020

let the faith lead you to higherways

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Achill Lad 14 October 2014

Man is an intelligent animal no matter where he lives. Whether his skin colour be black, white, yellow, brown, it makes no difference. It all boils down to opportunity. For some to have the opportunity others have to go without. For some to be wealthy others have to starve. For some to have access to more of their share of the finite resources on this earth others have to die. An important message here Ellias, well done.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 16 December 2012

Enjoyd d take on shakespeare and yes d third world has seen as many great ones as any world. Im an indian n i can tink of many greats includin Abdus salam, Avicenna(abu ali sina) Tagore, sarojini naidu, Al Geber(jabir ibn hayyan, Kahlil Gibran to name a few. So kudos i vote high for dis poem.

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Hans Vr 13 December 2012

Wow, Eliaas and Nader, I truly like the message in this poem. Talents are everywhere around. So many young people have high ideals. I read once in a piece by RW Emerson, that you rarely see old sailors because many of them die young at sea. And then he went on to say that you see almost no old idealist because either their ideals or themselves die young. So many young talents far greater than Bieber are suppressed by violence, not only in the terms of real physical violence but more commonly even in terms of the violence of negativity and dirty politics (not only national poltics that is) .Far more people should nurture the great ideals of the young people. I like your optimism. I really hope many people nurture it and if not that your ideals and great observations of hidden talents, suvive all storms negativism. Idealism is not naieve. I am slightly over mddle age now and have been called naieve (initially in my face, now more behind my back) for keeping beleiving in the huge potential of this world to erupt in a huge kindness revolution. If that is what naieve means, I take naivity as a compliment. Keep it up. You will be heard, you will be read. Nothing, really nothing will able to contain the positive thoughts of the poetry. Poetry will change the world. It will boil over the brim, unstoppably. Excellent work. Again my very sincere congrats. Hans PS: A firm 10++++

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Sallam Yassin 28 November 2012

u guys talented you have rose A message you know great poeple come out of uterus of hard time so keep up you are the hope

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