To Be With You Again Poem by Kelly Vinal

To Be With You Again

Rating: 4.8

What is tragedy? Aspiration abandoned?
A spider sinking in resin, transmuted by epochs?
Subjective, yes, but I’d await the amber
To be with you again

When the loss stings so –
Innocence, relationships; happiness,
And the one who loves you most
Stands powerless and frail

There are willows on the hillside –
Each one weeping, while their summer’s golden toil
Flutters to the frosting soil –
Their barren branches bowing low

Distance is no standard measure of
How far we drift so quick away, to stare
Each other eye and eye
Throughout the tepid season

So it is: tragedy. And I am cold and I am lonely –
As intent and interpretation; a desperate
Never-ending dream’s perception that I’d awake
To be with you again

Tony Jolley 26 January 2007

I like this a lot. Each stanza has something going for it and it is (for me) a different positive each time. I favour stanza 3 personally, but maybe that's a personal think in that I like willows, we have two in the garden and I drive under the bigest one I have ever seen most summer mornings on the way to teach. Bias or not: I loved the poem. Thanks Tony

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Preeti - is here! 18 September 2006

The narrative is kinda haunting which lends a certain personality to this poem. Great poem! Preets

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Jenni Strubel 28 November 2005

Oh, i got a chill, this is really great, thanks for sharing it.

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Kelly Vinal

Kelly Vinal

Homestead, Florida
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