Together Poem by Kelly Vinal


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When I see the world, for you
When you became the world to me
A rainbow arched beyond the storms
To green pastures of destiny
Where our paths converge
As if God Himself determined
That this was the time
That we had walked enough alone
On those sad and winding roads
When I see the world, for you
By you, this is now a beautiful place
In the sun that parts the darkened clouds
In the presence of His grace
Your hand in my hand, together
We face the uncharted horizon
Of hope, of promise, of love
That God's gift of time is ours to share
As we walk by the calm and shimmering sea
Down the glorious road now set before us
Onward to eternity

David Darbyshire 01 October 2006

Sounds very nice this poem Kelly, like you already found your pot of gold, hold on to it, nice write Dave...........................................: -)

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Patricia Gale 01 October 2006

A write full of devotion, admiration and love. So beauitfuly worded...... Simply beautiful.

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Nalini Hebbar 01 October 2006

kelly...beautiful calming

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Linda Ori 01 October 2006

Absolutely beautiful! I can certainly identify with what you say here, Kelly. Eventually destiny graces us with the perfect union - if we are patient enough to wait for the right time. Heartfelt and heartwarming. Linda

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Amberlee Carter 02 October 2006

this poem is's been a long time since I read poetry that actually caused a lift in my spirits...thanks for that, i needed it today... Always, Amberlee

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 21 November 2006

Powerful, hopeful, wonderful... loved it Kelly Best... CJ

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Macaulay Akinbami 13 November 2006

What a wonderful collection of inpirational words. I love the lines. you are a rare gem.

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Akua Achampong 31 October 2006

this is such a good poem, i truely felt it as i read it, very powerful and touching!

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kAy BaRCeLon 29 October 2006

I just love this poem! Not only that I am a believer of destiny, I am also a fanatic of eternal love. Not only that you created an image of true and selfless love, you also showed that a man can be strong at the same time very romantic. Thank you for sharing such a very inspiring and uplifting poem.

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 23 October 2006

A wonderful write Kelly... inspiring!

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