To Forget A Love Poem by Aranthabailu Ummar

To Forget A Love

Rating: 5.0

Infront of my home a tree without leaves
Weak, thin leaveless branches full spread across
Moon glancing behind this in a cracked shape

Many aching lines in my mind
How can I share the unability of my love
Intesity and pressure made me accept other as partner

From last many years my worship for love
My begging of the god
Washed out by a huge tide of matter of money

For me moon is burning and become hot
And the sun is very cool and darkened
Stars arrested the air by its merry

I cannot feel the smell of the love
I cannot fill the life by pouring the love on desire
For one rise of the moon my fragrance will set

Roseann Shawiak 02 August 2015

Very poignant and quietly intense. Memories are bittersweet, bringing tears to our eyes, yet a smile escapes from time to time. Treasuring our love through each one of them touches our hearts sublimely and silently, yet we feel the sorrow of loss and are unable to share those thoughts and feelings with another. Heartfelt, tender and delicate emotions within your words. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Unwritten Soul 20 August 2011

It's like almost a year this write was written, almost a year i was read this poem... Some says, how to forget that smell if you keep the fragrance with you... Forgetting is not easy sometimes, we may forget something very fast but somehow we cant choose what to be forgotten, it beyond's like the more we want to erase the more it stay hard, coz whn we want to remove that we keep memorizing the things..repeating the same scenes...Nice to read it again my old friend_Unwritten Soul

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