*to You..My Love Poem by Angelic Warrior

*to You..My Love

Rating: 3.4

Never will it be possible
to describe my love for you
for it is unending
like the seasons of time
and the wind that rolls over the sea
i love you
your lips so divine
i need only for you to hold me
and kiss me through all of our days
for you to tell me i am yours
forever and always
i love you
your glorious heart
is stable as the earth
filled with love and caring grace
i feel your warmth surrounding my soul
and know i am forever home
i love you
more than a million stars
or the sun so great
or the distance between each
i love you
i need you
like water, like nourishment,
like breath
i love you my darling
carry me in your arms and let us surmount any obstacle together
i love you.

isabelle Cote 09 November 2009

but if only, you had a love, my dear? <3

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Prakash Mehra 03 November 2009

Tre emotins have come nicely. Good job.

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this is my favorite poem ever... the sincerity is fantastic, lucky dude.. oh i wish my love would love me so.

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