Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights Poem by Angelic Warrior

Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights

Rating: 3.9

Blues and greens,
an ocean in the sky.
Purples and pinks
flutter O'so high.
This is the beautiful Aurora,
that shines in the sky only on a few lucky nights.
She dances and swirls,
beckoning the stars to join in.
Like the Milky way spilled across the night.
These cosmic lights illuminate the Northern atmosphere.
The great Aurora Borealis doesn't come out to play often.
I count myself lucky to have glanced at its beauty.
So every year I go out into the night,
stare up at the stars in the heavens above,
and pray to our creator that I might have a glimpse,
of the great lights once more.

(I know that their are also the Southern lights-the Aurora Pacifica, but I've only seen the norther lights.....which are normally blue and green with hints of other colours.....depending on where you are)

Auroral Lies 23 December 2011

Looove the northern lights. Never seen them, but I'm fascinated by them. great poem. :)

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Steven S 06 October 2009

I envy you this experience...

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Mark Nwagwu 14 September 2009

a delightful piece, Angelc. i saw the Northern Lights only once in my life, in Canada, in the seventies, in St. Catharines, Ontario. Their colours and the streaming are exceedingly thrilling, one of nature's amazing phenomena. You've captured this so well, except I think you may have meant 'lucky' instead of 'mucky'. We have neither the Northern Lights, nor the Southern Lights in my country, Nigeria. Tis gave me much joy - 10 indeed

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Wesley Mincin 13 September 2009

Ocean in the sky...that line put me in awe. Excellent poem.

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i have heard of it. never seen it.

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