Angelic Warrior Poems

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*sweet Release*

In a world that is ruled by pompous idiots,
and marked by war and destruction,
anyone would search for release.

*you Are...Everything-And I Love You

No matter how far, you are always near
when I'm with you I will never shed a tear
your life entwined with mine
we can see but our love is blind

*the Day My Life Fell To Pieces.

I was only 7 at the time,
the world seemed a beautiful place
but in an instant it all came crashing down
the terrible things hit me in the face.


(This is my all time favorite poem...Written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s)

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Dark V.S. Light

the never ending battle between light and dark
never lost never won
sides change
people die and people are born

A Sad Happiness

people are drifting away like leaves in the fall
unjust that this summer should be so tear filled
the season of blazing heat is meant to be filled with joy
with passion and carefree living

My Fire

Fire is my life, fire is my hope, fire is my everything.

Confusion, whipping, whirling never ending.
Always colder, always harder, cruel and devastating all in one.

Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights

Blues and greens,
an ocean in the sky.
Purples and pinks
flutter O'so high.

*to You..My Love

Never will it be possible
to describe my love for you
for it is unending
like the seasons of time

~is Time A Waste Or Is Life A Waste Of Time? ~

Some say life is beautiful
some say its sad.
Some people see forests of green
some see stumps.

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