*the Day My Life Fell To Pieces. Poem by Angelic Warrior

*the Day My Life Fell To Pieces.

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I was only 7 at the time,
the world seemed a beautiful place
but in an instant it all came crashing down
the terrible things hit me in the face.
I was so carefree so I didn't see it coming,
thought all my brothers actions were mere brotherly love,
he did it over a silly thing, the channel on the T.V.,
in that moment the light died, I could no longer see the dove.
The moment he jumped at me,
wrapped his hands around my throat,
the look in his eyes screamed hated,
not simply a selfish gloat.
Tears streamed down my face,
and he hurriedly let me go,
I ran away screaming,
I had no pride left to show.
My parents came running,
they didn't understand,
he hadn't hurt me physically,
he broke my spirit, made my heart a cold dead land.

How could he hate me that much?

(A true story....the worst part is he wont admit to it....wont say he is sorry for what he's done....I know I'll never forget it....but maybe if he said sorry.....it might ease the pain a little....idk)

Daniel Blevins 03 September 2009

Very nice poem! A poem is always good when it's about something that stays with you for over ten years, I really liked it, it reminds me of stuff i went through as a kid, thanks for posting :) ~

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I; m sorry..... this is very sad... i want to fight with someone.

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Graham Russell 10 August 2009

thanks....that reminds me of my own childhood

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