Today Is The Day Poem by David Darbyshire

Today Is The Day

Rating: 4.6

So you think, today might be the day
It might be, it might be not?
Depends on your luck, if it goes your way
or you could get caught?

This might be the beginning, the first day
the first day of the rest of you life
you want to go down on one knee and pray
that all will be abundant and rife

this is the day, like everyday
seize it well, grab it tight
do your job, have fun, play
then you'll sleep well, very well tonight

Ray Forever 21 July 2006

Yes Dave! ! One will sleep well only after having some! ! ! Good one

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Lynda Robson 21 July 2006

Get caught doing what Dave? lol nice sentiments, have a good day yourself too Love Lynda xxx

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Mary Nagy 21 July 2006

A great way to start the day off Dave. (I do sense a little mischief in there though) Always fun to read your stuff. :) Sincerely, Mary

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lucye 02 May 2018

nice work bro and I love the poem

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Francesca Johnson 21 July 2006

Oozing with positivism and optimism - I like it. Love, Fran the Fan xx

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Patricia Gale 21 July 2006

One of your best! Well done.

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Dee Daffodil 21 July 2006

David...Wow...very impressive poem! ! Hugs, Dee

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Nalini Hebbar 21 July 2006

in between playing the joker and making me talk things straight to the heart and mind...the truth here from dave's each day at a time...enjoy the smallest of blessings...enjoy each day...every

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