Today The 21st Of March 2014 Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Today The 21st Of March 2014

i sit now thinking....
about you, dearest Dad
how long it has been, this sad

i am looking to outside's view
how everything seems so new

i am looking through this window
how time has fled so fast and full of sorrow

i still see clearly that i am enjoying the mocca
in that cozy Ragusa ice saloon in Jakarta

we two only on my favourite spot
all delicious things are far from hot

it was a delicate coldness, that mocca
i only want to say i love you very much
and the most happiest Happy Birthday Pappa!

but now you aren't here anymore, not today nor tomorrow
i must admit that that day i was in deepest sorrow

i am looking through this window
the people moving so very slow

like a film in the cinema in slow motion
your coffin passing by left me in greatest emotion

how i wished to go along with you
now i only whisper these words i love you so true
and happiest Happy Birthday to You

soft, tenderly and with a most loving thought
i know that you´ll come here today

melancholic emotions, i am in tears,
and more i have brought
for you Today especially for you my Daddy Dearest
i know Today you´ll be here as the nearest
so i am whispering in your ears
as you know me of course with more tears

the most happiest Happy BirthDay Pappa!
and Many Cozy Returns in Jakarta

Photography by Sylvia Frances Chan

© Sylvia Frances Chan
21 March 2014 @ 00.00 hrs Friday~~Happy BirthDay Now and Forever

Today The 21st Of March 2014
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday greetings
I oft try to create a most beautiful BirthDAY poem
for my dearest Daddy, but while writing it and thinking,
I oft get heavy emotions in the end, but I continued writing
for the publishing and this poem is the only one I have created
for my poetry book "Emeralds GREEN", through Xlibris in the UK
together with my other poems which was published by this publisher
in May 2015.
Both are available , one with a Glossy Cover
and one as an EBook .
Poems can heal....this poem is healing my whole body, soul and heart
constantly. Indeed poems can heal wounds, pains and sufferings.
How? Please, clickthen you´ll....

thank you so much for reading and a bit giving your comments,
thankfully yours,
Sylvia Frances Chan
dutch poetess
world traveler
Edward Kofi Louis 26 January 2020

Full of sorrow! ! ! ! Thinking! Past memories. Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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