Tonight As I Sit Under The Locust Tree Poem by Raymond Farrell

Tonight As I Sit Under The Locust Tree

Rating: 4.8

As I sit
Under the locust tree
Letting my dinner digest
The soothing song
Of the birds
In the bamboo
Is briefly interrupted
By the long loud ring
Of an electronic bell
And hundreds of Chinese students
Having finished an exam
Begin poring
Out of a nearby
University building
Which had stood silent
Though fully engorged
With people
As they stream out
I only see placid faces
Almost devoid of expression
No animated gestures
No loud talk
Give any sense
The stress of the exam
Is over
Just a river
Of calm silent people
With black heads bobbing
As it flows
Peacefully through
The West gate
Of the university.

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary
Cynthia Buhain-baello 27 April 2015

Remarkable and very vivid observation excellently expressed. It is true that the Chinese are never really expressive of their emotions and usually appear solemn and detached.

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Raymond Farrell 27 April 2015

I am glad others have observed this as well as me.

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Pijush Biswas 07 April 2016

The imagery is vivid, has a clue to extreme performance. well read, thanks

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Nel Omofolarin 05 August 2015

Smooth imagery...beautifully crafted

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Kewayne Wadley 14 June 2015

I love the frantic calmness you've invoked. The usage of visuals that Speak flowing down stream. Thank you for sharing

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Raymond Farrell 15 June 2015

Thank you for your very insightful comment.

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Lyn Paul 03 June 2015

Extremely calming, presented so beautifully.

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Raymond Farrell 03 June 2015

I appreciate you comment and you taking the time to read my poetry.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 April 2015

Very nicely and aptly presented. Excellent collocation. A beautiful poem I like most. Many thanks for sharing. .....10

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Raymond Farrell 28 April 2015

Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem. I appreciate it.

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Raymond Farrell

Raymond Farrell

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