Toth Farry Poem by Sharon Olds

Toth Farry

Rating: 4.8

In the back of the charm-box, in a sack, the baby
canines and incisors are mostly chaff,
by now, split kernels and acicular down, no
whole utensils left: half
an adz; half a shovel, in its broken
handle a marrow well of the will
to dig and bite. And the enamel hems
are sharp as shell-tools, and the colors go from
salt, to bone, to pee on snow, to
sun on pond-ice embedded with twigs
and chipped-off skate-blade. One cuspid
is like the tail of an ivory chough
on my grandmother's what-not in a gravure on my mother's
bureau in my father's house in my head,
I think it's our daughter's, but the dime Hermes
mingled the deciduals of our girl and boy, safe-
keeping them together with the note that says
Dear Toth Farry, Plees Giv Me
A Bag of Moany. I pore over the shards,
a skeleton-lover—but who could throw out
these short pints of osseus breastmilk,
or the wisdom, with its charnel underside,
and its dome, smooth and experienced,
ground in anger, rinsed in silver
when the mouth waters. From above, its knurls
are a cusp-ring of mountain tops
around an amber crevasse, where in high
summer the summit wildflowers open
for a day—Crown Buttercup, Alpine Flames,
Shooting-Star, Rosy Fairy Lantern,
Cream Sacs, Sugar Scoop.

Wayne Kingston 15 March 2016

Stunning work. Nothing more need be said accept, thx for posting this charmer.: -)))

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Bernard F. Asuncion 06 February 2018

Sharon, such an interesting write.. congrats for bring selected... a big 19+++

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 May 2023

Shooting-Star, Rosy Fairy Lantern, Cream Sacs, Sugar Scoop.....great!

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Glen Kappy 06 February 2018

i like how here, as in other poems by olds, she turns her gaze on things domestic. besides the charm of the child's note, the poem is dense with vivid description which reminds me in its craft of sylvia plath. cool! -gk

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Susan Williams 06 February 2018

A writer can write about anything and turn it into an extraordinary event for every one who reads it. That is superb writing abilities at work to be able to do that with teeth! ! !

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 February 2018

The charm-box! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Lyn Paul 06 February 2018

What else does a child want but to dream. Though technology is now taking over all of the simple sweetness from childhood. Written beautifully taking me back.

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