Travel Thailand Haiku - Jim Thompson Bangkok House Poem by john tiong chunghoo

Travel Thailand Haiku - Jim Thompson Bangkok House

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Jim Thompson House
the house too
misses its owner

my eyes run up and down
left and right
for jim

Jim Thompson House
it is too waiting for
owner to be back

Jim Thompson House
this emptiness that
the owner will never be back

Jim Thompson House
despite the visitors
the loneness in the house

jim thompson house visit
a bird's cheerful chirp
all is up and well for him

jim thompson house
that forboding giant tree
right in front of door

Jim Thompson a former CIA agent left all in America to live in Bangkok and helped promote Thai traditional silk and woven fabric
to the West in the 60s He built a beautiful traditional house in a secluded part of Bangkok which has become a tourist spot today.
It is stocked with plentiful of Thai as well as Burmese antique buddhas, paintings, ceramic as well as Chinese Blue and White. Jim went missing when holidaying in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia on March 26,1967. Nothing was found of him. He left behind a string of mysteries about his whereabouts. But one thing is for sure, his house in Bangkok is swarmed daily by tourists. Jim Thompson is now a popular brand in the fabric industry.

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: travel
Ben Gieske 12 January 2008

John, I am very interested in Haiku and find these very well done. However, since you included an explanation maybe they should be considered as Haibun.. This, of course, is only a technical point and really is not of much consequence.

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Ian Bowen 12 January 2008

John, thanks for the information. An enjoyable piece. Ian

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