Shambhu Arvind

Truths Of My Lies - Poem by Shambhu Arvind

The broken hearted lion in the cave,
Resting to regain the pride he lost,
Licking the wounds of time,
Searching for redemption.

The fate shatters every gem held in the palms,
Trying to control the pain,
When the clouds of dust pound the face,
And the moon refuses to shine.

Lost faces and battles,
Conjures up memories which are never released,
From the fathoms of mind,
Come back to haunt like the deceased.

It is not the matter of life and death,
In the wilderness of the wild,
Life lost can be brought back by the wordless prayers,
Not the pride, which hurts the most.

Spoils of wars team up with the victorious,
Shrouding the screams of agony in the mist,
Every victory sound hurts the wounds more,
Than the dust settling on it.

It is time to get up and embrace death,
Nothing matters if the remains are not found,
This life looses its meaning without the victory,
And death makes me FREE.

The path which lies around the corner,
The life which creates truth,
Image tarnished & lost,
Without the sorrows to wait.

The lamb getting into the den,
Thinking it to be heaven’s door.
Why, how, what and when,
I’ve got you but I want more.

The truths of my lies,
Makes me take to freedom.
I realize all these big words,
Are mere specks that made a kingdom.

A gust of wind and a splash of rain,
Cuts across my parched face.
I keep yelling through solitude,
My voices drown in heart’s maze.

Shambhu Arvind

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2010

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