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There are many smells of Africa
That I at times recall:
The quay side waft of tainted water
In the harbor pool,
The salty tang of palm trees
Rattling in the breeze,
The fishy hint of crab, blown
From the low tide sandy frieze.

I love the smell of wood smoke
That billows past the train
From the engine up in front
As we cross the plain.
Then there's Jacaranda,
I can know it on a bet,
A heavy sultry odour
When it's hot or wet.

A singular recurrence
Is of fire on the plain,
Especially when the air is clear
And fresh after the rain.
I know the smell of long drops
With knot holes in the wall.
I always thought the smell would be
Quite nasty should I fall.

Then there's a smell for which I hungered
Since I was only four,
It was the clubhouse tang of Tusker
Lager coming through the floor.
For when I crawled beneath it
With cigarettes and grime,
The hint of beer would strike my nose
As something really fine.

Tusker, Tusker Lager -
The king of Kenya beer.
Tusker, Tusker Lager,
"Lete moja", bring one here!
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: african lifestyle
Tusker has been Kenya's premium beer since 1922.By the 1950's it was well established and very popular.When adults gathered in the club house we would snoop around, and any open area beneath the floor where the piling lifted the decking above the ground, the wet and the white ants, was fair game for us kids.The bar areas had a particular smell that I associated with them, and now identify as that "Tusker smell".‘Lete moja' in Swahili means "Bring one".
Congratulations dear Neil for being picked up as members poem of the day. Thanks a lot for your great contribution to our readers who could smell the African fragrance in so delicate a way.10+++. Subhas
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Subhas - shukrea - Thank you. That is a very nice remark. Best wishes, Neil
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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 July 2018
CONGRATULATIONS! This Tusker poem is an excellent poem presented with your natural perception about smell of Africa. Smell of wood smoke with low tide sandy frieze motivates mind with wonderful notion. Something really fine you have found here. A brilliant poem is smoothly flowed from your pen. Have a nice day. Wonderful poem is selected as the member poem of the day...10
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Bernard Snyder 02 July 2018
Great poem. One of the best of 2018' in my opinion. Well deserved 'POD'. I've never viisited Africa, but when I do, I will ask for a 'Tusker!
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What a great reply Thank you! I have started reading your poems. Neil
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Anil Kumar Panda 02 July 2018
There are certain specialties, may be dishes, places or people for which a country is known. It is the Tusker beer for Kenya. It is Kenya's premium beer since 1922. Great. You enjoyed your games inhaling its smell. Enjoyed the poem. Then there's a smell for which I hungered Since I was only four, It was the clubhouse tang of Tusker Lager coming through the floor....is very nice. Thanks for sharing such a well crafted and interesting poem. Deserved to be poem of the day. Congrats.
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How nice you all are, Thank you sooo Much
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Edward Kofi Louis 02 July 2018
Africa! ! ! The smell of wood smoke! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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Thanks Man! I sure appreciate your comment! Yes that smell takes me back every time!
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Adrian Flett 02 July 2018
Thanks Neil I'll read 'kicked off the bus'. You might like to read my poem 'In Crossways Inn' Kind regards, Adrian.
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Will Do! Neil
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I looked and could not find In Crossways Inn shoot me a link! Neil
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Bipasha D 02 July 2018
Wonderfully written with appropriate rhyme. Your recitation and the background sounds are a great addition too. heartiest congratulations.
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Thank you Bipasha, that is a great comment! and much appreciated! Neil
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Bharati Nayak 02 July 2018
Some memories have their lasting impact.Your poem gives us a glimpse of lifestyle of your country.In our region, drinking is not an accepted life style of general people.Though people drink in clubs, hotels and bars it is hardly consumed inside home, particularly in middle class families.It is a strict no no for children. A well crafted poem along with your fine recitation, thanks for sharing.Congratulations for being selected as the Poet of the Day.
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Harley White 02 July 2018
Evocative poem, incorporating all the senses, wonderfully crafted, along with an excellent recitation complete with ambient sounds... Kudos for your well-deserved poem of the day!
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Hello Harley, those rich childhood memories seem as vivid today as when I first experienced them. I do appreciate your critical appraisal.
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Adrian Flett 02 July 2018
Enjoyed the ballad and a few Tuskers when I was further north
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Why you must be from South Africa. You will like this one: https: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/kicked-off-the-bus/ Thank you for your comment. Dr. Neil
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Why you must be from South Africa. You might enjoy this one: https: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/kicked-off-the-bus/ Best wishes Neil McLeod
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