Twizted Nightmare Poem by David Lomenick

Twizted Nightmare

(The Life you gain from pain)
part 1

Your appetite for others pain is growing.
Throwing anything I can find at you,
I throw my words.
Your'e gaining life by hurting other lives.
I'm trying to breath,
but you've drained my lungs,
now the war between us has begun.

part 2
Blood red eyes,
bloodshot eyes,
and all the tries to fall asleep.
Fall asleep dreaming,
wake up screaming.
my hair,
i'm choking.
Blood drips down my arm,
my cheek,
my sheets are soaked.
tortured once more.
Nothing like this is nothing compared to darkness.
Duct tape,
my body is twisted in painful positions.
I start to cry,
the pain is unbareable,
but he doesn't care.
He's sharing what he went through,
but why me?
Why an innocent little boy that lives off his parents care?
At least they were kind enough to share their love.
I want to scream,
want to curse his name for choosing me,
but what do I do if i'm choked with a rag?
I want to wake up from this nightmare,
but the result is just more pain.
The shame he starts to feel,
suicide's the way out from his guilt.
Spilt the blood he desperatly wanted to drain.
He gained all that he wanted,
and left me here to die.
waiting patiently for some other guy,
hopefully not to torture,
rape me of my happiness of my happier days.
So here I wait,
just another persons bait to set me free,
but what I get is what makes me wish I was dead...

part 3
Nobody hears me scream,
as the blood runs down the stream.
I see the bodies on the wall,
nobody heres me fall.
He grabs a knife,
he grabs a victim,
makes me watch as he slits him.
He's done with that one,
says we'll have fun.
Unties me from the chair,
grabs my head by the hair.
Slams it down onto a table,
cuts the back of my neck,
to many times to count.
All this time I say nothing,
as the blood is gushing.
He stabs a hook into my back,
thrown to the ground like a potatoe sack.
I scream a bloodcurdling scream.
I wake up,
still in pain,
am I still sane?
Hear the cries of the tortured.
All I can do is stare straight faced,
I did it again,
am I going insane?

David Lomenick 25 October 2006

For those who think I may have spelt the title wrong I did not...I meant to spell it that way...

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David Lomenick 07 July 2005

this poem is written weird...the last part was written first, the second third and the third well you get the's based on a messed up dream I had awhile back and I happened to live through the dream to tell about it in poem form...

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David Gerardino 07 July 2005

DAVID, like the poem, very deep, to the point.....

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