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Hide behind your wall,
so every time you fall,
nobody will see who you really are.
Why are you afraid of revealing your feelings?

I try to talk to you,
but you turn and walk away.
Am I really that boring,
is the life I have not valuable to you?

The world is a place of imagination,

a place where all is real,

Your appetite for others pain is growing.
Throwing anything I can find at you,
I throw my words.


Lying, the lies I make up so you will go away.
Crying when I know you are hurt.
If only I could make it up to you.
What we have been through, I try to remember the good times,

Everyone wants me to do my best,
but I can't take the pain they give me everyday.
Is it too much to ask that they give me a break with the hate?
Why do I try,

What happened,
it all seemed to fall apart in front of me.
our friendship failed,
but life it passed.

Whatever happens, just know you'll get through,
and never remember the past- it's all over,
you'll never get it back.
Your fear is fading with time,

my passion for you,
you may never know,
so why is it that we hide all our love behind something called hate?
why do we even hate when we know we will die soon anyway?

Your every choice kills me,
i'm always involved.
your mystery has never been solved,
and never will be.

I see you,
do you see me,
the ugliness that has consumed me,
taken over the beauty that I used to be?

Push the screw into my temple,
give me the headache that i've begged for.
Push the neddle deep into my heart,
my heart has been broken so many times before.

blood on the wall.
ripped open shirt.

my blame,
my guilt,

I walk towards the gate,
a gate so beautiful but do I dare explore?
The answer is yes,
and everything,

I see you,
being treated like an animal.
you're on his leash,
being whipped,

You run,
i only follow,

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Hide behind your wall,
so every time you fall,
nobody will see who you really are.
Why are you afraid of revealing your feelings?
Are you afraid you'll get help help you know you really need?
Are you afraid your friends will betray you or judge you for who you really are?
You say you have no scars,
but they show,
You didn't know that your friends that you thought you could never trust again have seen your emotions,
the feel sorry for what you've been through,
and for you.
Next time you feel your hiding your feelings from us,
you need to let out the true you,
so be happy,
so be sad,
If there's something wrong,
don't shrug it off and say it's gone.

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