Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 210 Poem by Gert Strydom

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 210

In what a strange dark world we do live
where with Satan II Putin do threaten all,
when his evil military are struck and fall,
for nuclear threats does the West the blame give,

with reservists he wants his army to relive
by his own actions and whims are cut small,
as he destroys but cannot defeat forestall,
abuse, rape and murder are hard to forgive.

Where those that do not with Russia agree
are tortured, pillaged, robbed and killed
as Russia do scam-referendums down force,
all Ukrainians wants to be from this evil free,
as Putin wants a Russian empire to be fulfilled,
most of the world do not these actions endorse.

In vain Russia does damage to itself sustain,
ultimate will nothing additional win
with the decimation of its men begin,
where back Ukraine its own will gain,

as in stupidity Putin does this war maintain,
the UN General Assembly is advised in
each atrocity, inhumanity and Russian sin,
into the things that do to this war pertain.

Nikolai Patrushev tries Putin to a fall to bring,
hawks like Pushilin and Girkin increase the heat,
he sees his son Dimitry Patrushev to president rising,
with a summer of the greatest defeat,
are with information China advising
while secretly against Putin Russians meet.

Some plan to erect an iron-curtain Russia to imprison,
Mishustin and Nabiullina are of politics free,
where no one has a clue how Russia is to be,
but still severally the Ukrainian war goes on,

Ukraine wants Russians from the land to be gone,
are set to struggle even past an eternity.
Russians rob and desolate, holds nothing in sanctity:
set up Filtration Camps take children into abduction,

do about what it robs among its own fight,
between Wagner and Spesnatz and Chechens,
while past fifty thousand Russian losses amount,
evil in the totalitarian regime is dark as night.
Surely someone good is among the Russians,
whose actions to righteousness do account?

To surrender, or not want to go to war
can according to a Duma decree imprisonment bring,
while still against it opposition is rising,
by actions things are as in Soviet days before

where women loose to death the men they adore,
people are like slaves without freedom existing,
Russians are interested in each material thing
and the darkness envelops more and more.

At Odradivka, Pisky, Marinka and Bakhmut defences hold,
as Wagner mercenaries and DPR soldiers die.
The Ukrainian attack on Lyman is immense
like their Cossack ancestors of old,
fearless the Ukraine do extreme pressure apply
to cut through the Russian lines of defence.

From Bilhorivka to Lyscansk Ukraine does damage bestow,
it tries to conquer it, as Russia do from high ground hit,
they do more and more rockets at Russians throw,
know that against Severodonetsk this will benefit.

The Seversky-Donetsk river level will fall,
more Ukrainian soldiers will to Davydiv Brid go
with bombing the dam Putin did them only stall,
while howitzers and HIMARS do death bestow

and in Kherson Ukraine do forward gain
while the Russians with weapons try to withdraw,
is unable real damage to Ukraine to sustain
as at their numbers Ukraine does away gnaw.

In Kherson City there are Russian in-fighting
and at each others deaths they are delighting.
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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