Under The Avenue Tree Poem by Pallab Chaudhury

Under The Avenue Tree

Rating: 4.9

Wow! Who planted these rows of tree and all...
I haven't seen but he seems to be known.
The trees, as if, all friends, praise him in rustle
Day and night by the winds sweet blown.
It touches my heart as I can see passers-by
Resting on the shade- deep-dense and green;
And other than this, if I look, find here-by
A grazing field and a distant forest-margin.

The cows have gone away; some are in game;
And by the day-end I need to go all along!
The lovely trees are calling me by name;
Being a cow-boy, how can I sit for long?
I have to return the cows to their shed,
Before the sun becomes just setting-red.

(Dated: 16-08-2017) .


Under The Avenue Tree
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Unnikrishnan E S 18 January 2022

Cool poem. ‘naturally'

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Pallab Chaudhury 18 January 2022

Thank you dear poet for the comment on my poem....

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Rows of trees standing together like friends is a pleasure, not just to watch but to recline in its cool shade..The lovely trees beckon and talk to to the cow boy grazing his cows. He just does not feel like going back home, though he must to return the cows back to the shed. A poem with splendid imagery and feel for nature......Beautiful poem Pallab! Enjoyed reading. A full score....10

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Pallab Chaudhury 10 August 2020

Thank you for the beautiful comments and kind words... Stay safe.

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Vaibhav Simha 07 June 2020

This a great piece! The opening is similar to how Robert Frost begins his " Walking by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" . Is there the influence of that poem on this? I could be mistaken. I ask the poet to clarify this. The nature-centric approach is fabulous!

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Pallab Chaudhury 12 June 2020

Comment: Yes, Vaibhav! The said poem influenced me a lot... This is the translated work of my original poem written in Bengali. Thank you. Stay safe pc

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Jaya Agarwal 09 September 2019

A very good poem.....nicely written- - -X

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Pallab Chaudhury 09 September 2019

Thank you so much for sharing your views regarding the poem. Stay blessed... pc

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A B Faniki 01 September 2019

Nice simply nice and lovely. Thanks for sharing

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Pallab Chaudhury 09 September 2019

Thank you so much for the positive comment being forwarded... With best wishes pc

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