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Unfeeling Amidst Beauty

Rating: 5.0

Arayette sat
on the driftwood
her feet hanging limply
as the water eased
quietly toward shore
kissing her ankles
before rejoining
the restless ocean

The night was still

pulsating with the energy
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Ameer Mcarthur 17 December 2008

You know something, I only read and comment poems upon recommendation from my good friend, Sulaiman.Yes Carol, he's right.You got the touch! Absolutely fascinating.Keep on writing Arayette! Ameer Mcarthur, Somware, UK.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 16 December 2008

Arayette, the mysterious woman, the subject of you? if not for a slight movement whenever she remembered to breathe life amidst the beauty was not hers to claim Shes still disturbed by some kind of setback or trauma or somethin? Well I don't know but the way you've inscribed those words, making us breathless with the vivid imagery of a lone woman, the shores the still night and the brazen breeze, ahh.........fantastic painting! ! Well done Carol dear.You're very talented indeed. Brett.

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 23 October 2009

mysteriously wonderful and provocatively expression

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Sarwar Chowdhury 25 August 2009

Fine wording that have disclosed your amazing power of expression! A REMARKABLE PIECE INDEED! 10++++

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Bursting with beauty.

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Dean Nordy 20 December 2008

Hi Carol, great piece from you.Nice flowing of words......like a river that never ends. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you.I'm a friend of Brett.hehehehe.....see ya. Dean Nordy, US of A.

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Matt Shami 17 December 2008

Your imagery and lines structure were splendid.Arayette is like the leading star here.Hi Carol, no wonder Brett liked you so so much lol! ! Nice to know you Carol.keep up the good work! Matt Shami

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