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Unicorn 4

Rating: 2.6

What is known, is known – known gently,
meekly, mildly, sweetly; that’s the experience
that men bring back who’ve seen that creature plain.
But since the unicorn grazes in all our minds and hearts,
each has his image. Poets love to write of that creature
as they picture it; but what of those who met it plain
in forest glade, upon the hills, or white amidst the waves?

It’s said that, then, some poets put away their pens forever or awhile,
despairing that their word-hoard holds no words

that can describe those things invisible which
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kskdnj sajn 25 February 2007

Again, I like how you have extended 'what is known, is known' but have added to it. A valuable aspect of the series. A good capture of intense awe, and admiration in this write.

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Anong All 04 August 2005

The wording you used is very pretty. The structure seemed a bit off.

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 28 July 2005

This poem mesmerizes me..Simply superb.

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Raynette Eitel 28 July 2005

No words to describe the beauty of this poem, either. Your wealth of words is matched only by your wonderful, poetic ideas. Glad to have met up with a poet such as you! Raynette

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