>≫≫≫ ≫ Unique! Poem by Abdul Wahab

>≫≫≫ ≫ Unique!

Rating: 4.9

If you bring forth a thought
To compare then you must wonder
What a man I am, awkward
No one is like me
Nor I resemble with any other
Not even I am like the wind you can measure
In volume or litre, my essence is not in any height either
In length and width I do not spread
Like the sun I do not shine
I am myself I need not to be rain
Nor to be a piece of diamond
I reflect I glow what I am
I am proud of my individuality
I do not like what you like me to be
Not even l like to be, like a rose you can treasure
The beauty in red or blue, my value is not in any colour either
Like sweet or sour I do not taste
Like a rivulet I do not murmur
I hate to be like any one
Not even I like to be beauty you can desire
In thirst in lust, my power is not in gory pleasure either
In sound in song I am not born
Like a bird I do not sing
I need not to be like a bright full moon
Or a piece of glittering gold
To me I am more valuable
I love to be myself
On my own right I am me that is enough
No depth of an ocean I sought
Nor I vie the might of the sky
In blazing uniqueness my glory dazzles!

Ramesh Rai 04 October 2013

loved your write. unique write.it is more important to be self. in one of my poem i hv written your differences are infinitive. thnx for sharing

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Ruby Honeytip 29 June 2013

I love this! ! A really confident and spirited write. I hold a belief dear that each one of us holds their own unique place in the universe.....that none of us fit in the tiny little shoeboxes within the perception of others. This little chestnut of a poem highlights so many lovely angles of the human spirit. Thanks for sharing your art. Love Roobs xxx

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Heather Wilkins 30 June 2013

a great, strong write. We are each an individual. We need not seek to be like other people. GOD made us the way he wanted each of us to be. enjoy it. you are wonderful within yourself.

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Tribhawan Kaul 01 July 2013

Everyone is unique in his/her own way. The strength lies in not to lose one's individuality.and you have aptly penned the feelings. Great.

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Kanniappan Kanniappan 13 October 2013

Fine poem conveying uniqueness with, I am proud of my individuality I do not like what you like me to be Not even l like to be, like a rose you can treasure. I like it.

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Heather Wilkins 22 April 2014

to be yourself is unique

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Amitava Sur 18 April 2014

If you cannot love yourself you cannot confer it to others and that is what you did here.... very nice

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Wahab Abdul 22 November 2013

Love it! Anonymous Girl146 days ago The flow is amazing and the message is tremendous - great! ! !

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Besa Dede 08 November 2013

Right on point! ! One could not have expressed better the magnificence of being unique. In blazing uniqueness my glory dazzles! I absolutely love this last stanza! Thank you for sharing. Best regards, ~Besa

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Wahab Abdul 30 October 2013

You contestant people are so serious about the poetry contest conducted by poemhunter for 2013 that I see people made phone calls and send unsolicited spasm to each other and I am not left alone , but I had never asked any to vote for my poem ‘’unique ‘’ one, let alone to receive or make phone calls and I wonder how many people understood uniqueness of my poem ‘unique’ and its intrinsic and duality in meaning …simply every one went for the author for ‘’I ‘’ but this insinuates for the universe also , the poems which won prizes some are direct copy from the poems of Rabindranath Tagore (1913 Nobel prize winner) and other two are descriptive poetry without deeper meaning or have any significance or insinuations.

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