Unpardonable. (A Poem Of Britain) Or In The Beginning Was The Word..... Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw

Unpardonable. (A Poem Of Britain) Or In The Beginning Was The Word.....

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Prophetic words sung of 'Maggie's Farm'.
Remembering the horror and harm.
Squandered production so undeserved.
Resilient stronghold was 'the word'.

Power to deny; self satisfied.
Blindness, mindless of those crucified.
Black of bleakest days when Miner's struck
rose, rallied and tossed coins in buckets
somewhere in the youth of '84
never to work on her farm no more.

The King of the Scallies holding court
bravely spoke of her lack of support;
a pint, through laughter and all agreed:
Wholly ignored what work one might need
'To be dragged down the Mall by the hair'
said he; we thought that was pretty fair.

Prophetic words sung in 'Maggie's Farm'.
Evidence of her havoc, her harm.
Squandered generation; undeserved.
Resilient stronghold still 'the word'.

For Tony Evans

November 2005


GILLIAN...CRISP & CRAFTY...LIKE THE TUNE...LOVE YOUR POEM EASY TO GRADE THIS ONE OH LIT PROF OF TH' QUEENS-KEEP, BU' O' TEACHIN' IN FRANCE...10/10! BON DIMANCHE(what's left of it o'er there....NO...TIS O'ER...Have a bon Lundi? ......FRANK '''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

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Anna Russell 27 March 2006

How strange, I'm listening to Maggies Farm right now! I usually think hatred is an awful emotion, but in Maggie's case, I'm willing to make an exception. Great poem. Hugs Anna xxx

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Michael Philips 17 November 2005

I'm afraid that some of your references are over my head. I do know who Maggie is, though. The poem is quite original in sentiment and style. I don't usually like rhyming, but it works here.

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Raynette Eitel 16 November 2005

Gillian, you always bring us such fine tidbits of British history, all told so well. Thanks for this one. Raynette

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