The River Erdre. Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw

The River Erdre.

Rating: 4.6

Then run along the riverside
upon a time a French King's pride
viewed vast breadth and gentle ripples;
glitter, glisten, glow and twinkle.

Inhale the bird infested air
of clearer blue and high up there
free to soar the highest heights
a brighter day as one takes flight.

The heron builds a mighty nest
and seagulls plague us overhead!
Wild yellow iris fill the banks,
in spring, the Lord is given thanks.

As river flows around the bend
perfection reflected; sunlight sends
and man created paint and brush
to capture the views colorful, lush.

Painted river boats and barges,
sailing craft of varied sizes
and floating buss' run on time;
canoe or pleasure where we may dine.

So run, run by the riverside
upon a time a French King's pride.
Cycle paths and dogs who linger.
Glisten, glitter, row the river.

For Egal Bohen.

October 2005

Raynette Eitel 15 October 2005

Gillian, this has really nice images and rhyme. However, the rhyme is not consistent and for me that causes a problem. Perhaps you think it needn't have a pattern. Your rhythm is so perfect and the stanzas that rhyme so well done, it seems a shame not to carry the pattern throughout the poem. Just a thought. Raynette

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Ashraful Musaddeq 13 May 2009

Wonderful poem on a river.10++

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Egal Bohen 31 August 2006

A beautiful, refreshing, lush, sunlit poem, full of ripples, reflections, and yellow iris that creates an amazing image Gillian - gets more impressive every time I read it - thank you so much for writing it Egal..

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Duncan Wyllie 05 April 2006

Why do I feel as though I have just seen it and walked along its banks, when I have never been there? You have the poet’s gift of capturing the essence and allowing us to survey its beauty. Love Duncan

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Simon Whild 20 October 2005

A lovely poem that brings back my own memories of the River Erdre from some fifteen years ago. Well done!

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Egal Bohen 17 October 2005

Gillian, Thank you that's wonderful! What a beautiful picture of this bustling French River which I think flows seawards quite naturally. As a Francophile I hope a lot more of France will flow across these pages as the seasons change. You are in the right place to do it! Thank you very much. Egal Bohen...

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