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Dance with me
And feel my heart beat
Voiceless love song, do you hear?
Inspired by rhythm so sweet
Dance with me and hold me near.

(19 May 2007)

David Harris 28 May 2007

What a lovely little poem. Yes I would dance with you, but my wife wouldn't allow it. Such is life. Beautiful poem filled with the yearnings of love. Top Marks from me and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Jazib Kamalvi 30 September 2020

Write comment. Such a nice poem, Lady L. R. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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Khairul Ahsan 29 September 2020

A passionate plea! Short and appealing. Loved your poem, it gets maximum from me- 5*****.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2019

Voiceless love song has sweet tune as this expresses every word in silent mood. Sweet rhythm inspires more. A perfect dance of togetherness needs a sweet song. This poem is very brilliantly penned...10

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David Harris 07 September 2007

This is such an uplifting poem. It wants to sweep you off your feet to make you dance. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Gabriel Varon 06 July 2007

........How could I regret thy one.. dancing in such MELODY.. a love song of a sweet serene... if I have a moment of time... then i'll hold you for last.. not forever but just for a lifetime.. closing you tightly in my arms... even if its my last dance.... ...... with you

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