Urgent Media Social Poem by Kewayne Wadley

Urgent Media Social

This goes far beyond that,
Of facebook,
The pokes,
The Messages sent to and fro,
Pictures shared on twitter,
Most nights I sit and wait,
Waiting on a reply from your precious hand,
A hand I've thought about in the most elaborate of ways,
Are they as soft as I think,
Is your smile really as innocent as it appears,
Maybe not the purest of thought,
Maybe I should ball this up and start again,
I've lived a lifetime in your eyes,
In A matter of minutes that pass, in mere thought of you,
The way your eyes crinkle as you smile your devilish grin,
The deep half circles that appear around your nose,
Some things are better left unsaid,
This I know very well,
But at the same time,
If you knew how much I wanted to be the reason your eyes closed so tightly,
Would your lips struggle to utter through the deep breaths on your way to heaven,
In a physical sense, being the one that always crosses your mind,
From that aspect,
I often wonder if you see the same thing,
As you go about your thoughts at your day at work,
Or At home watching the movies that make your fingers cringe,
Single reason to bite your bottom lip,
Whether its a phone call, or a mere thought,
In wake of the simplest things,
I ask myself,
Am I the moth drawn to the light,
Curious to why my stomach feels the way it does,
An obsession to the way the sun shines off your skin,
The very thought that keeps me lingering,
Maybe not the purest of thoughts,
Maybe I should ball this up and start over again,
Curiousity blooms in the wake of your smile,
The only thing about forever is that it only seems that way when your grown,
Is it really in another lifetime,
Kindred spirits that loom the same candle,
Merely watching the spark that ignites the wick, in a single whoosh,
Engulfed in a flame that grows seconds after its lit,
Lit with the thought of you,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Kewayne Wadley

Kewayne Wadley

Groton, Connecticutt
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