Victims Of A Writer's Block Poem by Roshni D'Souza

Victims Of A Writer's Block

Said Pen to Pad:

I'm waiting here expectantly
Hoping quite ardently
That any decrepit old muse
Will put herself to use,
However lame or flawed;
I'm tired of just being gnawed.

Each false start, just a tease.
My senses you more than please.
I want more than just to list
Things to do and items missed.
Hoping she gets in the groove
And endlessly above you, let's me move.

Replied Pad to Pen:

If you think you've waited long,
You, indeed, are very wrong.
I'm tired of oodles and oodles
Of scratches and mere doodles.
Numbers she'll never call;
Lists that won't get done at all.

Rest assured, you suffer not alone.
To your pain, I add my own.
I yearn for unhindered embrace
From your finger to my face.
But this thing called 'writer's block',
Takes more than one key to unlock.

Jennine G. 20 October 2012

Wow! Love it! What a creative way to get across the idea of Writers' Block.

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Ted M 29 June 2009

You have a great imagination, well penned. I can see the pad talking to the pen; just like watching Cartoon TV. Carry on the good work.

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Rosalita Fernandez 31 May 2009

Woah this is so effective, i love it! cleverly written, mine on the same subject is mere scribbles to this! brilliant!

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Sandra Martyres 23 May 2009

A terrific write Roshni....I had done something on the same topic, but I adore the idea of a conversation between pen and pad..10++++from me

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Bullion Grey 23 May 2009

cool! I like the idea you came up with here...pad and pen....they would chat at least now and then...I suppose. Nice thoughts as well. Just stopped by to see your latest, glad I did. Drop me a line if you ever feel like it....until, take care of that pen and pad....not letting them get to glad or sad! lol BG

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