Blurred Lines Poem by Roshni D'Souza

Blurred Lines

Rating: 5.0

I wake up to the reality of my dreams
To find you woven in every moment, it seems.
Life goes on... simple, sedate;
I seem content enough with my fate.

I wake up to the reality of my reality
To find your presence, now mere anonymity.
Life carries on... simple, sedate;
I've come to terms with my fate.

Then there are days when the lines seem to blur.
Are you my dream or my reality, I cannot know for sure.
Life inches along... simple, sedate;
I wonder if I wandered into someone else's fate.

PS. Written for anyone who can identify with having to live with the loss of a loved one.

Tai Chi Italy 17 May 2009

This is very good writing and I like the theme a lot. I wonder myself sometimes, we do just inch along...thank god fo rhte blur! Smiling at you Tai

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i enjoyed this milady.. you write well

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Sandra Martyres 23 May 2009

A lovely touching piece Roshni....10++

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Kale Beaudry 24 May 2009

I thought this was incredible, your use of repetition and the theme of dream vs. reality vs. fate concretes the message of your poem. My heart goes out to whomever inspired you to create this piece.

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Sherri Coulter 26 May 2009

'I seem content.'... 'I've come to terms'......can't perceive getting there ever......but lovely, lonely dream to dream..........Sherri

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Marieta Maglas 19 June 2009

It is an abstract conceptual poem , involving a semantic knowledge. There are 3 excellent conceptual metaphors here: '''I wake up to the reality of my dreams'' ''I wake up to the reality of my reality'' ''Are you my dream or my reality, I cannot know for sure'' The poem suggests that what was once the stuff of dreams, we will have made our reality..It is also a philosophical theory about this paradox ''reality of dreams.'', which constitutes an investigation into the personality.It is about visionary vision.But more than that, it is the perception that we are aware of dream versus reality.excellent poem.....10+++

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Raj Arumugam 31 May 2009

the blurred lines absorb me too, Roshni...a marvelous poem with wonderful flow... (Do you know the poem of Chuang Tzu? (I often re-write it in various ways; here's one version I just wrote here for you: Chuang Tzu dreams he's a butterfly and when awake he asks: Which is the dreamer?)

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 30 May 2009

this is touching. a cruel reality.... made even more harsh by the truth of dreams. painful. wonderfully expressed. thank you.

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a very touching one the loss of a close one gives immense pain

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

well it is easier said than done though..people say life carries on.....i m still 21 and i feel so afraid when i looked at the future... and i v lost my loved ones indeed..i mean not dead or anything, just lost them..some of prriceless friends and my ex..people who used to lve me so much..anyway thanks ma'am for the words of wisdom 10+++

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