Virtual Lover Poem by Tracey TEE

Virtual Lover

Rating: 5.0

Hello! .....He said
How are you today?
It's nice to chat
What is your name?

we typed 'n ' typed
for quite a while
lost in cyber conversation
The hours went quickly by

We exchanged our names and
our troubles and strife
I said 'I am married '
He said 'I've a wife'

Goodbye.....He said
Hope we chat again
How about tomorrow
same place same time?

Ok I said, I'd love to chat
see you online at 7.
As the chats progressed and
the weeks went by.
I realised I was in 7th Heaven

Someone who understood me
someone who seemed to care
That my Husband did not love me
or take me anywhere.

Every chance we got we spoke online
this 'thing' was getting deep
I felt so bonded with this guy
even though we didnt meet.

One day he said....I have something to say
I think I'm in love with you!
I really dont think we should chat anymore
But I love you, I mean it, I do.

In shock I replied.......
Does it have to end, I really dont want this to stop?
It has to he said I cant do this no more but
It really hurts me a lot!

6 months we've been chatting
I needed it so
to end it like this
was so final and cruel

I miss him so much my virtual lover
but won't do this again I dont want any other.

A lesson I've learnt is not to befriend,
a man who says he's lonely at the other end.


You have set out this poem so well explaining the attraction within cyber space. It happens, and it feels so real and one goes through emotional stress. The last lines are brilliant and deliver a clear message to not get involved...Excellent 10 Karin Anderson

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James B. Earley 07 April 2009

You capture the mood in extraordinary fashion, vividly creating the image of mutual angst. Life is indeed friend.

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Carl Harris 24 February 2009

If there is one thing I especially love in poetry, it is humor, Tracy, and this delightful poem is just packed full of it in every verse! Not only that, it is a very modern, up-to-date poem, as chats like these go on every day, it seems. Of course, often the results of such 'online affairs' cause considerable distress and worse in a relationship or marriage. Your fine choice of phrasing in this marvellous poem made it seem like it was happening right before the readers' eyes and even has us rooting for you two 'cyber lovers' to get back together! You wrote a very appealing and entertaining poem and I am sure I am not the only one who got a great kick out of this wonderful write! Carl.

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