Cardinal Sin Poem by Tracey TEE

Cardinal Sin

Rating: 5.0

In reality, I am not yours,
in my dreams we embrace
in a lover's kiss that makes me tremble
as your fingers softly caress my face.

No words are needed
just the need in our eyes
the electricity in our bodies
though we love through our lies,

The lust within us
like the ticking of a bomb
we no longer can control it,
though we know that this is wrong.

Requited love they call it
it has our very souls
locked together in confusion
no boundries does it know.

Lust, love wanting, needing
addiction flows within
two lovers lost in a love affair
forever in cardinal sin

Sue Sie 15 May 2009

A superb detailed written piece of work....well expressed Tracy Thanks for sharing your thoughts....10++ Sue

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Carl Harris 16 May 2009

This is a most excellently written and expressed poem, Tracy, though I do not agree that to love in dreams is a cardinal sin, especially for those whose love has been repressed for a long, long time by someone who should have appreciated it when it was his to have. Your phrasing in this beautiful and touching poem is quite exquisite! Carl.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 31 August 2017

Very interesting piece.

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Subroto Chatterjee 05 June 2009

As they say, forbidden fruit tastes better.....and you've tried a luscious one...! Cheers. Subroto

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Kesav Easwaran 29 May 2009

Superb write, Tracy...sensual and sentimental apparent, your poem bears a truth inside, most of us do not want to admit open...the concluding stanza lines read exceptionally good...10

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Catrina Heart 24 May 2009

interesting composition in terms of love.........10

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Shashendra Amalshan 23 May 2009

I specialy liked this part 'In reality, I am not yours but in my dreams we embrace'....soo well expressed..happens to me too..some say personal experience dont have a universal value...I should say it has...cause thhings we write can happen to well expressed indeed..enjoyed it very much..I m gona read it again..regards shan

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