A Special Star! Poem by Tracey TEE

A Special Star!

Rating: 5.0

I followed you....... into the unknown
not thinking to look ahead
no idea of where we were going
but I followed......as you led!

We stopped for a while at this
Magical place, where the stars
filled the sky with their
wonderous grace!

The moon in it's glory lit the way
as you led me to this unknown place.
I trusted you, it seemed so right
to follow you into the depth of the night

'Close your eyes '......you say
'and hold out your hand'.........
when I opened my eyes
there it was........ a Star so Grand

'When I'm not with you'
you continued to say
'The Star will guide your heart
and help you find your way '

'I can't be here in flesh but
in your star I'll always be
hold it to heart........ my love
for all eternity'

'The light will never fade........
it will keep you safe and warm
untill the time is right
for our love to be reborn'

Laurie Hill 14 March 2009

Simply a beautiful romantic write..10

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Carl Harris 11 March 2009

This beautifully written poem had a dreamy aura to it, Stacy, and your words in it were quite mystical and charming as well. It is as if an wondrous dream had come alive and invited you into to it, introducing you the long hoped for man of your dreams. It is wonderfully phrased in every verse, and tells an enchanting tale that romantics everywhere can enjoy and, perhaps, believe in for themselves. Carl.

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~ Jon London ~ 11 March 2009

A pen filled with love flows over fizzy line that bubble up with heart written kisses. Loved it, what a tiger grrr 10++

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Blue Eyes 09 March 2009

oh! what a romantic poem! i loved it.keep writing those special signs in poetry.

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