Guardain Angel.... Poem by Tracey TEE

Guardain Angel....

Rating: 5.0

I had another dream last night
and there you were the star so bright
The one you gave to me that night
upon our midnight walk....

in my dream you said to me
look beyond for what you see
is mere trivialities
you'll find a way to work it out.

keep the star close to your heart..
let me guide you through...
I will be your guardian angel
till I can be with you......

It won't be easy as you know
many years will pass away
and when our time, is finally here
your face old, hair, silver grey...

Will you still love the star so bright
that shines forever more.....
when age has taken your youth away...
will it be I, that you adore...?

I don't know why you ask me this...
as my answer remains the same,
the star I keep close to my heart
the one that bears your name...

is the one I carry all my days
in hope that we can be
together in our dreams if not reality......

Fiona Davidson 11 April 2009

Beautiful write Tracy...flows through out...Fi 10+++

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Pink Butterfly ... 12 June 2009

A sweet majestic poem! ! ! Keep shining through your poetry! You are a wonderful person!

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Shashendra Amalshan 01 June 2009

I wish I can find a guardian angel to shine me through the wretched give me shine in the dark days that i lie ahead......thanks for my angelic friend for this nice piece... regards with love shan

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 13 April 2009

an outstanding poem.. u R a great mother i can tell =)

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Shun Patterson 11 April 2009

That's a great poem! ! ! I will be sharing it with my kids that I counsel

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Sue Sie 11 April 2009

This is a lovely write Tracy...enjoyed reading it...10++ Sue

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