Tracey TEE Poems

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Emotional Walls!

Coldness settles in my bones
it's thoughts of you that keep me warm,

Though all alone I sit and think

An Honest Poet

Poetry makes the heart grow fonder
A fellow poet... like an open book
Every line he writes is a day in his life
exposing his inner soul to the world

Untold Stories

I'm here again within my dream
amongst the stars aglow,
I search for you among the clusters
Hoping, a sign you'll show.

Cardinal Sin

In reality, I am not yours,
in my dreams we embrace
in a lover's kiss that makes me tremble
as your fingers softly caress my face.

Restless Soul

I realise I'm not alone....
yet isolated and distant I feel from you.
Your touch no longer ignites me,
instead I feel remorse and sadness.


Every Woman holds Beauty
in the Palm of her hands

In her very soul she nutures it

Guardain Angel....

I had another dream last night
and there you were the star so bright
The one you gave to me that night
upon our midnight walk....

A Special Star!

I followed you....... into the unknown
not thinking to look ahead
no idea of where we were going
but I you led!

So Wrapped Up In Being Me!

There's something in the air today
though I dont know what it is
Like something's about to happen
something Magical Perhaps!

Everything was going fine

Everything was going fine
Till I got out of Bed.
I've lost some of those marbles
I keep within my head.

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