~voice Of An Angel~ ♥ Poem by Dislocated Heart

~voice Of An Angel~ ♥

Rating: 2.2

Voice of an Angel,
I think im gone,
heaven is so close,
With your voice near by.

I await the morning to come.
3 am, best times of my life.
For thats when,
I hear your voice near by.

Maybe its unclear,
But maybe I'm fallin for you.

Voice of angel,
Every little thing you do,
shouts the world to me.
Maybe, just maybe,
I'm fallin for you.

When you talk,
all I can do is smile.
Hearin you sing,
i feel like a little child.

Maybe its unclear,
Or maybe..
Just maybe..
I'm fallin for you.

Voice of an Angel,
Its weird how i miss you so.
Day and night,
I think bout how to get you outta my mind.

So i guess,
Just maybe,
I'm fallin for you.

Your voice brings me peace,
cheers me up, within a heart beat.
Your laugh is all i need....

So, Voice of an Angel,
Please dont ever leave.
I need you like a heart beat.
I need you like druggies need their needles.
bad example,
But I need you, more than I need the world.

Allysyn Bryant 27 August 2008

that's a beautiful piece....=) thanks for sharing

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Hades Pandemonium 27 August 2008

Beautiful. Really brings out your emotions. nice one: -)

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