Waiting Poem by Whispering Rose


Rating: 5.0

Waiting for the sun to rise
For the day to bring another surprise
Waiting for my life to start
Carrying a weak torn heart
So much time I’ve wasted
For so long I’ve waited
For words to be said
For those who left to come back
I’m so tired waiting
That I’m going to start chasing
Dreams that once lived inside
I’m no longer going to hide

Unwritten Soul 08 July 2010

Everyday is a new day, and each day will teach us a set of different lesson...Rose, i know it is tiring for waiting but soon, u will find that it is worth to have a long waiting...It gives enough time to think everything and searching something inside of u...By the way this poem is good..; D keep writing, share what ur opinion continously... good

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Bert Bell 14 October 2010

Lovely poetic exression of some deep and sad feelings. I like how you make a decision in this one to take charge of your life and move on. It's positive and well written. I've tried to post comments on this poem three times and I've voted each time but nothing seems to be working. Hope you get this. If you get them all feel free to delet some :)

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Bert Bell 14 October 2010

I like the positive energy you're written here, Whispering Rose. I like the decision here to move on and not dwell on things in the past, things or people that could dull your life if you waited for them. It's great to have the courage to step out and take hold of the reins and say my life is mine to live.

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Jimmy H 11 July 2010

Brilliant poem. No more hiding of dreams. Action. But keep the dreams alive. JImmy.

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After a long wait, i finally got to read a new poem by you and i'm so happy to read this one...you always carry a good attitude towards life..that's so good..that's something i find so hard to do. God bless you dear..take care.

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Cain XXX 09 July 2010

pretty cool poem on hope. stop waiting, start chasing, start living. i liked it very much. thanks for sharing! :)

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