Always And Forever-07 Poem by Selena Star

Always And Forever-07

Rating: 5.0

A while after we got together
Around the time we first said
Our 'I Love You's'
I went to a tree where i carved
'****** and ******* Always And Forever'
About a month passed by
And you broke up with me
So now i walk this road
Empty and alone
You tell me how you miss me
But only over the fone
When we see eachother in the halls
You wave and flash a smile
I wipe my tears
And do the same back
Then let my tears run down
As soon as you pass
When we see eachother out of school
We tease eachother and have great laughs
You pick on me
I pick on you
And thats how we make our time pass
I waited for you, for a month,
And when you didnt do anything
I let another have his try
Then you confessed your feelings for me
And told me how you were going to ask me back out
But you found out about him and me
Then you just gave up
So i broke up with him
Because im still in love with you
I waited for a week
And, nothing happened
So i decided to get back out there
And meet some other guys
Maybe ill find my true love
I'll just have to wait and see
But ill leave that carving
In that old tree
Just to show you that i love you, and
I'll always remember 'Us'
And most of all
I'll leave it there
Because one day
Maybe sooner, maybe later
But oh do i hope its sooner,
Maybe that little thing i carved
Will have meaning again
Until then, ill leave it there
Just to show that i believe in 'Us'
Always And Forever!

*Cute little story aint it? *

Anita Blake 29 October 2007

hey really great write :) full of emotion.

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 28 October 2007

Aaww, that's so sad. men can be such jerks sometimes. I hope you find a guy who'll treat you better soon: -)

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Brian Mills 27 October 2007

very loving and sad story gurlie......beautifully written tho....thnx for sharing dear friend....i too have done a similiar jesture with 'my love'....this write of yours brings back alot of beautiful memories for me! ! thanx for reminding me of this dear.....keep em comming! ! ! (10) Brian~

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 08 March 2008

the loss and gain of love written so well.............

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Justine Keaton 10 November 2007

If it's meant to be it will happen, they say patience is a vitue even though sometimes it's hard to do. If it's true and real it will be worth the wait. ~Justine~

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Angel Ofdarkness 09 November 2007

I love this it is one of the most bitter sweet things i've ever read. I'd give it 10 stars love, Angel

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If love is meant to be, it will be. I like the recognition of the possibilities both of permanence and of transcience in this piece. In the meantime.... have fun! t x

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Jona`e Levett 03 November 2007

i like this poem! this one is really good. i love the carving in the tree alot

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Selena Star

Selena Star

no need ta knw
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