We Birdies Chirp In Nest Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

We Birdies Chirp In Nest

Rating: 5.0

We birdies chirp in nest
In Hope of springing soft.
Feathers and feeding sweet
Mom to perch in its nest.
While in bed-rooms on beds
Lie little babies in flats.

To heavenward we budge
In rocket speed drudge.
As UFO the earth moves
In space with faceless loves
That strive, sweat in shadows.

(All we hear thumb on desk
Only 'yea, Yea', no 'No, ' ask
Why? Selfish, why so mask?)

Exfoliation forceful
Exploitation hopeful.
At Exit pipe tip rules
The Sun, burning crawls.
The Moon a zero- bulb
In waters crested club.
Smiles of persecution
We find no prosecution
Revolves the earth ahead
Reflects the sky in dread.
Globe moves as babies weep
Birdies chirp hoping help.

Chandra Thiagarajan 24 January 2013

The Birdie's chirp in the nest has produced a wonderful rhyming poem from your pen. Enjoyable totally.!

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Valsa George 15 June 2014

'The Moon a zero- bulb In waters crested club'. Love these lines! Great write!

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Shraddha The Poetess 23 April 2013

sir.., it was wonderful, i really enjoyed reading it. i am a new poetess so pls keep reading my poems and give comments.thanks... shraddha

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Patricia Grantham 18 February 2013

A nice poem, keep penning. Thanks

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Dave Walker 01 February 2013

A fantastic poem, a wonderful write.

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Barbara Nixon 28 January 2013

Excellent poem, wonderful structure and beautifully written. Inspired write!

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