We Stood Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

We Stood

Rating: 5.0

We stood fingers entwined
Drenched by falling rain
But did not notice
Thinking ourselves love's perfection
Passion's luscious first flowering.
We did not speak
There was no need.
Hand in hand we strolled along a beach
As waves crashed and rolled.
She naked and beautiful
Hesitantly I touched her
My soul rejoiced with exquisite rapture
Such wild trembling of sensuous love.
Down into the depths we fell
Washed from that rocky shore
Down into a mysterious ocean of delight.

Saturday, July 12, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: lovers
Colin J... 12 July 2008

Absolutely. drowningly, beautiful... 10... Colin J...

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Richard Howardson 15 July 2008

beautiful, so lovely.......

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Zia Jaycee May Trent 15 July 2008

Hey great emotions Colin. I really liked this because the two lovers in this poem did not have to speak verbally, they knew what each other was thinking. Great job...keep writing :)

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Peya Jakob 11 October 2008

In so much that i really loved 'YOUR FACE'.i have to agree that this is a perfect ten.

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Jun Insigne 24 July 2008

Passion's luscious first flowering., , , , , , , , , , , I like this line, , , Great Poem 10/10

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Damon Harper 23 July 2008

Captured the feeling of love...inspiring

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Patricia Gale 19 July 2008

Wonderful, one of my favs from you. No words just hearts speaking.... divine

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'WE STOOD' -stands tall with fine flow and reflects the real! good art!

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Colin Ian Jeffery

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