King Of Kings Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

King Of Kings

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God's most holy son
Teach me of your love
So through its joy
I might immortal come
And have no fear of death.

O Lord Jesus, sacred king
Embrace me within your light
Forgive my sins dark as night
Baptise my soul
So a star within the darkness glows.

Great King of Kings
Give me thoughts of Paradise
Keeping me safe and true
Forgive all my wasted days
Lost without thought of you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: jesus
Stephen West 19 July 2008

I thought I was innoculated against religeon at birth....... It must have been at 13 with my BCG! You have just caused me to recall a prayer I was taught as a child, I did not understand it at the time..... Gentle Jesus meek and mild Look on me a little child Pity my Simplicity And suffer me to come to thee Amen. Do people still say prayers?

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colin, this is such a great poem! ! full of passion and sincereity! ! definitely a heart felt prayer. beautifully penned! ! thanks for sharing! ! ! ! ~gracie

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Duncan Wyllie 14 July 2008

This is truely beautiful and comes across as absolutely sincere, one of the most moving and brilliant poems that I have read Love duncan X

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Leon Scott 14 July 2008

Brilliant, honestly a great prayer i will be looking out for more of your work

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Ahatisham Alam 12 July 2008


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Elena Toledo 15 September 2008

Awwwww! ! ! ! this is too much for the is a reality for many of us who forget God when we live in the world and not in Jesus. you are great elena

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Andrew Greydanus 25 August 2008

A great prayer to say to the Most High. It shows me of the Lords love and that he is my KIng.

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Linda Moore 10 August 2008

I do like this very much. Its content is soothing and it comes out so smoothly Linda

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Tanny Quin 24 July 2008

Such a sweet understanding to talk to God as you do you must be close to him. 'Forgive all my wasted days', when we just didn't do what he called us to. How refreshing to share with others. Phebe

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Chris Mendros 23 July 2008

Jesus's promise as a filter against Old Testament rigidity inspires many, in all areas. That He can inspire such creativity in you is a testament to His gift. If every Christian saw the world with the wonder your poetry conveys, we'd have 'em all converted in a week.

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Colin Ian Jeffery

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