Weary Seagull's Call …1512-2k11 Poem by saadat tahir

Weary Seagull's Call …1512-2k11

Lost here alone, rose in hand,
powerless await; fairy and a wand.

Like a cherub smile, in same breath cry,
storms roar tireless, hear not me sigh.

There by you, watch the ebbing tide.
A ghost wanders moors, ever by your side.

Color of dominions, your beauty, grace.
Love's pain eternal, imbues my gloomy face.

Muted spring fades to a desolate bane.
Forlorn watch, suffer silent in the pain.

A beautiful flower, across the sandy spar.
Trounced my desires, in torrents that scar.

Sighing heave, I watch the dying day.
Call out your name in echoes that flay.

It stays just the same. Always will be so.
Live all the pain the blues and the low.

In forlorn days, a tear dropp ever falls,
Lifeless I wander parks and lit malls.

A lonely heart beats, falters and stalls.
In banshee squalls, a weary seagull calls.

15 Dec,2k11.

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=-7zGZCuljFE

Sherri Webb 27 December 2011

Very beautiful and touching, I enjoyed reading your work.

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Saadat Tahir 27 August 2017

thanxku sherri.... kind words :)

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Joann Hill 18 August 2017

What a beautiful poem, perfect word choices, how descriptive. Wonderful!

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Saadat Tahir 27 August 2017

thanx Joann...kind words there..)

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Yasmin Khan 10 May 2013

Loneliness, pain of the heart and soul is expressed through powerful images from nature...romantic dismal song.

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Deep Ali 09 August 2012

Straight from the heart...beautifully sad! !

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Saadat Tahir 24 February 2012

:) ....thanx for the correction..will take effect now ma'am i stand corrected and am obliged. ....be happy! blessed be sat

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Shahzia Batool 23 February 2012

it's a good work...the stanza division should be on the basis of either thought strain or structure...n if this poem is composed in couplets, so don't give a touch of quatrain form...

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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