Welcome Home Poem by Spike Milligan

Welcome Home

Rating: 3.6

Unaware of my crime
they stood me in the dock.

I was sentenced to life....
without her.

Strange trial.
No judge.
No jury.

I wonder who my visitors will be.

Andy Hall 03 March 2006

Its the first time I 've read a poem about divorce. Pithy stuff.

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M Asim Nehal 01 August 2016

Brilliant poem with many interpretations.

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Wisdom 10 September 2020

Dead wife.

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Susan Williams 12 August 2016

This is a strange one- -I can think straightaway of four scenarios that could fit this. Sometimes it is good to have to ferret out the meaning for ourselves

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Partha Pratim Goswami 12 August 2016

'I was sentenced to life without her' speaks about the need of somebody for life without whom life becomes more difficult than death.Every word carries a lot meaning -very nice one.

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 August 2016

Strange trial! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Rajnish Manga 12 August 2016

The poem creates a very poignant atmosphere where the protagonist has been struck by a tragedy to be alone for life without his beloved. Limited words having great impact. Thanks.

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