Granny Poem by Spike Milligan


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Through every nook and every cranny
The wind blew in on poor old Granny
Around her knees, into each ear
(And up nose as well, I fear)

All through the night the wind grew worse
It nearly made the vicar curse
The top had fallen off the steeple
Just missing him (and other people)

It blew on man, it blew on beast
It blew on nun, it blew on priest
It blew the wig off Auntie Fanny-
But most of all, it blew on Granny!

Kim Hocking 02 September 2005

Truly wonderful childhood memories of my father & I giggling out loudly in hysteria over this one of Spike's poems. I received a Spike Milligan book of poems as an award for most improved student in my first year of high school and hence my very first introduction to this very wittyand talented man! ! !

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Akhtar Jawad 27 October 2014

Enjoyed the poem and inspired to write a poem on a granny.

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Bev Jones 17 September 2015

Excellent x

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Pearl Lightwood 16 October 2015

I agree

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 27 October 2014

Laugh it off the painting of granny and her fart - lovely piece of work

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 March 2024

added with my great applause

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 March 2024

Again chosen as The Modern Poem Of The Day. Congrats and 5 Stars! After the start of the very sad and heavy poem A clear Midnight by Walt Whitman, this is utmost funny and artistically worded, rereading this cozy poem, makes me only commenting more.5 Big Stars!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 24 March 2024

Summing up: The poem humorously portrays the wind as a mischievous character that disrupts the lives of various people, from Granny to religious figures. Through playful language and unexpected events, Milligan emphasizes the wind's power and its indiscriminate impact on everyone.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 February 2024

Spike Milligan, a very talented famous poet, his poems are all in perfect rhymes and rhythm. Very pleasant to read. TOP Marks and TFS

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The Bowlers Holding..... 17 February 2022

In the original version the line is: 'It blew the drawers of Aunty Fanny' which scans beter.

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