When Birthday Comes Poem by Cigeng Zhang

When Birthday Comes

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Today it catches me in a real feeling of the late autumn
Cold wind blows with the early winter's respiration

Leaves are turning dark brown
Golden luster on the trees is fading

Father did say
I was born in such a kind of day

That day
Wind soughing cicada hiding away

So he gave me an infant name
Early Bud, my cute name

When you open, flower is coming
Father said, when flower comes, you're spring

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: birth,hope
M Asim Nehal 02 January 2017

Wow, so well thought and written, I liked the comments and commentary written by my learned friend Daniel.....Nothing to write after that.10+++

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Siddartha Montik 25 October 2016

It is so lovely to remember the Birthday from the father's (parents') words! Nice work!

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Cigeng Zhang 27 October 2016

Thank you for your nice comment.Sharing is the golden moment. Much appreciated.

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Christopher Tye 24 October 2016

Wonderful poem, I love how you use natures season's to mark the passage life through birth and birthdays.

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Cigeng Zhang 27 October 2016

Your nice comment always impressed me.Thank you.

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Daniel Brick 21 October 2016

This poem begins in late autumn which is already early winter but it ends with an image of spring, but time has not raced forward to the season of flowers. You are still in your birthday season of autumn; it is your thoughts that have raced into spring, as you remember your beloved father's tenderness in giving you a sweet name that expressed his joy in having you and giving you forever the gift of hope preserved in your name This poem is so wonderful, it is so heartfelt. Love criss-crosses time and threads together father and daughter; what is lost is found again every birthday; your father is as close to you as the sound of a voice saying your name.

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Cigeng Zhang 27 October 2016

Your words touched me again.Thank you for sharing a part of me through the poem.

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