Water Lotus Poem by Cigeng Zhang

Water Lotus

Rating: 4.6

The lotus in the pond
bursts into bloom for me? !
I dare not to disturb
the perfection of her grace
So, noiselessly
I fall on the rim of her lips
quietly, quietly
like a soft note
with a gentle kiss
to be well-matched
for the star of the water garden
I am longing for …

Water Lotus
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,flower

Very well done.Like it,10

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Cigeng Zhang 06 June 2017

Thank you for your like.

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Unnikrishnan E S 30 May 2017

The phrase - - bursts into bloom- reminds me of the nature poems of Ruskin Bond.. His poem on the Sunrise in the mountains (Tiger Hills in Darjeeling, I suppose; Bond may correct me if I am wrong) ..

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Cigeng Zhang 31 May 2017

Thank you for writing the three comments on my little piece.Your words cheered me up.

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Kayode Are 30 May 2017

Perfection in anything is a fantasy we long for. I like the tone.

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Hans Vr 24 March 2018

I enjoyed very much reading this beautiful poem.

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Liza Sudina 08 March 2018

Your Lotus is perfect!

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Paul Beech 13 July 2017

Such a beautiful and charming short poem, Cigeng. My goodness, what a special gift you have for conveying the wonder and magic of nature. Few can capture the essence as you do in a few simple words. And here, in the quiet of the water garden, there is a true Zen feeling. Your exotic lotus will stay with me long… Best wishes from North Wales, Paul

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Matthew Martin 05 July 2017

BUSH FIRE Acres of corn Stand tall And uniform Bend and sway As the wind plays With a flute In a gathering storm As the blood petals bloom In the horizon’s fold Farmers bystanders Casual philanderers Stop, sniff the air Put their plans on hold I sit out on the porch Playing Ma`s piano C’mon the rising wind Bring on the inferno The city clock Roars on its head The power infects The college prefects The nurse disinfects The time plan installed Congeals to lead The routines The replacement shifts The empty squeaking wheels The faulty flaking lifts Muffled appeals In the meeting room Constricted coughs As the pencil thin Paradigms Are held aloft Round applause Disapprobation At the tension Behind the bosses Last quotation There are codes And guidance notes Clear instructions So that every movement Smoothly flows Into the pre-glow Of the next one Like a seamless Product Like a bush fire

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Matthew Martin 05 July 2017

Rubbish. A terrible poem

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